When to take MRCOG Part 2

Most UK specialist trainees will enter for MRCOG in their ST4 year, after completing their first year as a registrar at ST3. It is a requirement of the RCOG training matrix to have completed Part 2 and Part 3 of MRCOG by the end of ST5 and trainees will be unable to start ST6 or ATSMs without their exam.

Candidates are no longer required to apply for Assessment of Training (AoT) to sit MRCOG Part 2 but it is a requirement for MRCOG Part 3.

Our advice is to do the exam when you feel you will pass it first time and are prepared to commit the time and effort necessary.

For some trainees, this will be at ST3 level. For others, this will be at ST5 level. Whilst the aim should be to pass the exam at the first attempt, it is advisable to make contingency plans for the possibility of needing to resit. UK specialist trainees may only extend their training by a year and if first taking the exam in the latter half of ST5, then this will automatically extend training if you fail. This then puts additional pressure on subsequent attempts and could restrict entries to a maximum of three attempts before automatic loss of a National Training Number. Candidates may otherwise attempt MRCOG Part 2 six times.

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